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Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

As one of the most developed countries of the world, Germany hosts a good number of foreigners. Some of these foreigners are professionals in one field or the other while others are not professional in any field. The unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners are seemingly reserved for the set of foreigners who are not professionals in any field. Though some professionals, sometimes, take up unskilled jobs. This could be when no much jobs are available in their fields.


Unskilled jobs, like we all know, are jobs that do not require special skills, experience or academic qualifications. In some cases, physical strength alone is enough to offer one a gainful unskilled job. There are various jobs that require no much qualifications and skills, yet they are gainful. The workers are earning well.


Companies and individual persons employ engage the services of unskilled persons for office and home duties respectively. We are here to provide you the list of some employers of unskilled labors in Germany and the average salaries of their employees.

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List of Unskilled Jobs in Germany and the Employers

1. Hausmann

Hausmann is a German word formerly known as “householder”. In some quarters, it is called “house-husband”. Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Berlin is looking for Hausmann for employment. Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Berlin is urgently in need of a Hausmann who can assist in taking care of customers.


Warm, people-oriented persons with team-first attitude and the gift for paying attention to the smallest details are mostly preferred for Hausmann jobs. You will be working for 8 hours daily at EUR 10 to EUR 12 per hour.

2. Waiter

A lot of organizations in Germany are in need of waiters either in their reception offices or wine or beer bars. Hands and Service GmbH is among the top organizations that are employing waiters in Germany. As a waiter in Germany, your salary is EUR 14 to EUR 18 per hour. In some organizations, waiters work for 8 hours per day.

3. Caregiver

Caregiver job is among the most in demand unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners. Caregivers are mostly needed in Germany by private persons. Caregivers are employed to assist in taking care of aged persons in Germany. Private homes who have old parents employ caregivers to assist in feeding, administration drugs, cleaning, cooking and others. Some hospitals also employ caregivers to assist in some unprofessional duties.

4. Cleaner

Companies and private homes engage the services of cleaners who can help in keeping their environments clean. You may be employed by a private person to be washing his cars and cleaning his room and even his clothes. Cleaning job does not require any academic qualification or special skill. However, for you to be employed you must prove to your employer that you can do the job. Office and house cleaners in Germany earn between EUR 10 and EUR 12 per hour.

5. Cook

Another set of people that can be employed in Germany even without special skills are the cooks. Private homes and hotels are in need of experienced cooks who can prepare family dishes (for families) and even intercontinental dishes (for hotels). Unlike cleaners, cooks are properly examined and people with good cooking experiences are mostly favored. The essence of the proper examination is to ascertain if you can actually prepare the type and quality of foods required by either the family or customers in a hotel (if you are employed to work in a hotel).

The above and more are the unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners.

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