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Apply for Executive Chef Jobs in Australia

Executive Chef Jobs in Australia are available for professional chefs with good work experiences. Hotels and restaurants in Australia are seriously in need of professional chefs who are good in preparing local and intercontinental dishes. With the recent economic development in Australia, foreigners migrate to the country in large numbers. These foreigners are from different sectors of life, region, countries and continents. These people are not from the same background and as such the foods they eat are not the same. Therefore, hotels and restaurants need professional chefs who can meet with the demands of these different classes of persons, hence, the need you to apply for executive chef jobs in Australia.


Having seen how chefs are needed in some Australian hotels and restaurants, we decided to bring to you the list of some of the hotels and restaurants and the type chefs they want. We are doing so because it will be our utmost pleasure seeing  you earn as a professional chef in one of the top ranking hotels or restaurants in Australia.

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List of Hotels and Restaurants currently Employing Chefs in Australia

Below among others are the hotels and restaurants in need of Executive Chefs in Australia:

1. Forrest Brewing Company

Forrest Brewing Company is a well-established destination brewery, in Australia. Established in 2010, this company started with a brother and sister wanting to change a small town by making awesome artisan beer in the country. Forrest Beer was born and is brewed in Forrest.

Located in South West Coast VIC, Forrest Brewing Company is now employing experienced chefs for full-time engagements who can equally serve as Head Chef. Annual salary is between $70,000 and $79,999. Bonuses are also added.

2. VSR International PTY Ltd

This is an Indian restaurant located in Parramatta, Sydney NSW, Australia. The company is employing experienced full-time Tandoori Cooks who prepare Indian native dishes for mostly Indian visitors in the restaurant. The company believes that food is something that can create a feeling of immense satisfaction and as such seeking personnel who share the same views.

The annual salary is between $60,000 and $79,999.

3. The Ville Resort-Casino

The Ville Resort-Casino is tropical North Queensland’s premier destination for dining, events and entertainment. It is located in gorgeous Townsville boasting 300 days of sunshine every year. It is reportedly the Queensland’s hottest tourism destinations.

The Ville Resort-Casino is looking for enthusiastic full time Chefs to join her team in an award winning modern Asian-fusion Miss Songs Restaurant in Townsville, Queensland. Annual salary is $65,000 – $79,999.

4. LocalsCo Pub Group

LocalsCo is a family owned and operated group of unique hospitality venues in Western Australia. The venues serve as a familiar place where locals can get together to relax and socialise, no matter what the occasion. The company takes great pride in her responsibility to the local communities she represents and is proud of what her venues stand for.

Located in Australind, Bunbury & South West WA, LocalsCo is currently employing experienced chefs for full-time services.

5. Oscars Hotel and Cafe Bar

Oscar Hotel and Cafe Bar is located in the centre of Ballarat’s hospitality district. It was established in 2003 and since, have taken her passion for great service and quality food to build Oscars into a busy, vibrant hotel. It is a family run hotel that has expanded her team & currently has a Breakfast Chef role available offering 5 days week 8:45am-2:15pm. Any applicant that prefers 4 days will also be employed. The salary is $25 – $30 per hour.

The address is Ballarat, Ballarat & Central Highlands VIC.

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