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Current Top Fashion Jobs in Italy

It is no long news that Italy is a home of fashions. Several top world class fashion companies are in Italy. These companies are known for productions of classic wears such as shoes, clothes, bags and others. You may have been hearing or seeing Italian shoes, Italian Sandals, Italian bags, Italian bangles and Italian leathers. Any fashion material produced in Italy is known to be always genuine and durable. Italian made wears are globally recognized as the most durables. This global recognition has been for ages and it has as well opened doors of Fashion Jobs in Italy.


The rate at which the Italian fashion products are taking taking global stage and how trusted they have become overtime, have made people around the world to more interest in Italian made wears than from other places. This however, has been a source of employment to Italian citizens and foreigners in the country. Here you will see some current top fashion jobs in Italy and some other jobs available in the fashion industry with the employer companies.

Fashion Jobs and Companies

Like we said earlier, the rate at which Italian made wears have taken the global stage has given room for improvement of fashion companies in the country and establishment of new ones. Both the old and new companies are now looking for experienced fashioners, either to replace retired, resigned or sacked ones or to add more labour and experience in their industries. Below are some of the top jobs available for fashioners in Italy and the companies that need them.

1. Womenswear Designer

The increase in the demand for different styles of womenswear around the globe is quite alarming. A lot of fashion companies are currently recruiting experienced womenswear designers. Among these companies is Off-White.  This company was first founded in 2012 as “PYREX VISION” and incorporated in the Italian city of Milan, and later rebranded as Off-White in 2013, which the founder, Virgil Abloh described as “the grey area between black and white as the color off-white” to the fashion world. Off-White, in recent years, has shown collections at Paris Fashion Week shows, and is sold in retail stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, London, United Kingdom and New York.

Off-White is looking for experienced designers who can:

  • Research trending materials and create mood boards to develop inspiration for the creation of the womenswear collection
  • Lead fittings and support in fashion shows/presentations
  • Hand draw sketches of apparel pieces
  • Oversee day to day follow up with cross functional teams to ensure deadlines are respected
  • Produce technical drawings.


2. Menswear Product Developer

Gucci Logistica is currently seeking Gucci Men’s RTW Product Developers who will report to the Men’s RTW Collection Development Manager as part of the company’s dynamic team in Milan.  As a Gucci Men’s RTW Product Developer, you will play fundamental roles in the development of Men’s RTW collections.  You will also be responsible for interpreting and producing samples for one category based on the indications from the Design Office. The office is located at the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy.

To qualify, you are required to:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years experience in a similar role, preferably working on the development of MRTW collections for luxury brands
  • Be organized and able to plan oriented
  • Be willing to travel in Italy and abroad from time to time
  • Be fluent in Italian and English, both written and spoken

You will be saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Participating in meetings with Design Office
  • Collecting inputs for new collections
  • Creation of files containing fitting and collection information
  • Creation of line sheets in the system
  • Attend fittings
  • Preparation of technical sheets
  • Collaborating with suppliers in order to guarantee the quality and delivery of prototypes and samples
  • Ensuring that the agreed timing for the collection development is honoured.

3. Sustainability Consultant

Also in the list of top fashion jobs in Italy is Sustainability Consultant. As a Sustainability Consultant, you are expected to deliver high quality metrics-based consulting services to clients in the Fashion industry. Quantis, an Italian Consultancy firm is a leading environmental sustainability consultancy that partners with major organizations across the globe looking for experienced fashion consultants.

As a Sustainability Consultant specialized in the Fashion Industry, your responsibilities include:

  • Working on projects in Italy as well as on projects from all over the world in collaboration with Quantisians from other offices
  • Executing tasks within Sustainability Strategy projects
  • Performing product LCAs of various products and systems including complex novel technologies, materials and production processes from the fashion sector
  • Data collection from the client, its processing and management
  • Calculating Corporate Carbon Footprint of fashion companies, including advanced Scope3 models
  • Creation of user-friendly MS Excel tools with models in the background of various complexity
  • Writing of reports and creation of presentations of results in clear and understandable manner
  • Taking active roles in the management of the projects
  • Supporting and managing clients’ interactions, such as project meetings and calls, workshops, suppliers engagement, etc.

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4. Brand Partnership Manager

Miinto, a fashion company located in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy is looking for resourceful and creative Brand Partnership Managers. Miinto was founded in 2009 and seen as the fastest growing online fashion platform in Europe, connecting shoppers, boutiques and brands across 14 different markets.

As a Brand Partnership Manager at Miinto, you will join a great team of motivated people and be responsible for growing and expanding Miinto’s presence in Italy and beyond by signing new premium brand partnerships with the company.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years of proven track record as a sales manager for premium/luxury brands
  • Be experienced in developing new business within the fashion industry and utilising your existing network of brands
  • Have an infectious enthusiasm for sales and hungry for success
  • Be capable of building new key relationships and utilising your existing network of brands
  • Know how to roll up your sleeves, dig in and get the job done
  • Be able to travel around Italy when required.


5. Product Size and Fit Specialist

Randstad Italy, a top ranking recruitment agency is looking experienced Product Size and Fit Specialists for urgent employment. As a Product Size and Fit Specialist working with Randstad Italy, you must be ready at all time to assist the company’s clients in the fashion industry. You will be saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that Randstad Italy’s clients or customers are aware of the specific size nuances that any given product has. The accuracy and attention to detail means that the company’s customers can make their online purchases with the knowledge that they are getting the best fit from their garment of choice.

The aforementioned and more are the current top fashion jobs in Italy. Click here to see more.

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