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UAL/ISH International Master’s Scholarship in London | Study in the UK

Are you looking for a scholarship study in London? Alright, here is a good place for you. This article is prepared to give you all you need to know and apply for the UAL/ISH International Master’s Scholarship. It is a fully funded scholarship offered to students from developing countries who are with outstanding academic record and are pursuing their full-time taught Master’s courses at any of University of Arts London’s six Colleges starting in the 2022/23 academic year.

The University of the Arts London is a collegiate university in London, England, specialising in arts, design, fashion and the performing arts.

Host institution

University of the Arts London, UK.

Eligible programmes

The scholarship available for any full-time taught Master’s course (Grad Dip, M ARCH, MA, MFA, MBA, MRes or MSc qualification) at one of University of Art London’s six Colleges for 2022/23 academic year.

Eligible countries

The UAL/ISH International Master’s Scholarship is available for students from developing countries.

The countries are: Afghanistan, Ghana, Pakistan, Albania, Grenada, Palau, Algeria, Guatemala, Palestine, Angola, Guinea, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda, Guinea-Bissau, Papua, New Guinea, Argentina, Guyana, Paraguay, Armenia, Haiti, Peru, Australia, Honduras, Philippines, Azerbaijan, India, Qatar, Bahamas, Indonesia, Russia, Bahrain, Iran, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Israel, Saint Lucia, Belarus, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Jordan, Samoa, Benin, Kazakhstan, Sao Tome and Principe, Bhutan, Kenya, Saudi, Arabia, Bolivia, Kiribati, Senegal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kuwait, Serbia, Botswana, Seychelles, Brazil, Korea, Sierra Leone, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Burkina Faso, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Solomon Islands, Burundi, Lebanon, Somalia, Cabo Verde, Lesotho, South Africa, Cambodia, Liberia, South Sudan, Cameroon, Libya, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Sudan, Chad, Malawi, Suriname, Chile, Malaysia, Syrian, Arab Republic, Colombia, Maldives, Tajikistan, Comoros, Mali, Tanzania, Congo, Mauritania,  Thailand, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius, Timor-Leste, Costa Rica, Mexico, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Micronesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Moldova, Tunisia, Djibouti, Mongolia, Turkey, Dominica, Montenegro, Turkmenistan, Dominican, Republic, Morocco, Tuvalu, Ecuador, Mozambique, Uganda, Egypt, Myanmar, Ukraine, El Salvador, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Equatorial, Guinea, Nauru, Uruguay, Eritrea, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Eswatini, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Fiji, Niger, Viet Nam, Gabon, Nigeria, Yemen, Gambia, North Macedonia, Zambia, Georgia, Oman, and Zimbabwe.

Scholarship benefits

As a fully funded scholarship, it covers the cost of tuition fees, accommodation at one of UAL’s halls of residence and may also contribute towards living costs. Recipient shall be entitled to £50,000.

Number of scholarships

Up to 4 scholarships will be awarded.

Apply for Eira Francis Davies Master’s Scholarships at Swansea University.

Eligibility criteria

To qualified for the UAL/ISH Postgraduate Scholarship, you must:

  • Hold an offer to study a full-time taught master’s course at one of UAL’s Colleges and Institutes starting in 2022/23 listed among the eligible programmes above.
  • Be ordinarily resident in one of the low-income economy countries (see eligible countries above). To prove this, a copy of your immigration documents, ID card or formal proof of your address must be included as part of your application.
  • If you are seeking asylum in the UK, have an annual household income of £50,000 or less (or the equivalent exchange value in a qualifying country’s currency) at the point of application.
  • In maximum of 350 words per question, provide a personal statement as part of your scholarship application which responds to the following questions:
    • Describe how you would address challenges in your home country.
    • Explain how receiving a postgraduate scholarship would make a difference to you.
    • Explain how you intend to use the qualification you will be gaining to support your future plans.
    • State how you would uphold the values of social justice and environmental stewardship.

Application guidelines

Applications are online. Once you have received an offer to study at the University of Art London, the ‘my funding’ page on your application portal will be updated to include application forms for scholarships you may be eligible for.

If you are eligible for the UAL/ISH International Master’s Scholarship and submit your application, an email will be sent to you after the deadline to let you know the status of your application, whether approved or rejected.

The University of the Arts London is a collegiate university in London, England, specialising in arts, design, fashion and the performing arts.

Application deadline

Monday 13 June 2022.

Official website

Learn more and apply for this scholarship via the official website at www.arts.ac.uk/study-at-ual/fees-and-funding/scholarships-search/

DISCLAIMER: Applicants are advised to note that Scholars Guide is not a scholarship agency, and as such may not have any link with the scholarship provider(s). Here, we only advertise scholarships. Therefore, go to the scholarship official website above, read more about the scholarship and make your application.


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