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Teaching Jobs in Scotland | Apply now

It is no longer news that Scotland is one of the most education friendly countries in the world. This has given teaching jobs in Scotland a very popular face. Teaching in Scotland is rewarding in many different ways. As you know, as a passionate teacher, it is always a great feeling to use your skills and know-how to inspire and educate the next generation. Interestingly, the varieties of your day-to-day experiences mean you will learn something new yourself even as you teach.


Your passion and love for teaching come with varieties of advantages among which is that by watching young people develop and thrive, you will also have the opportunity to grow your own career with clear, structured paths for progression. You will also enjoy financial benefits including a competitive salary and pension and 40 days paid holidays.


Routes into a Successful Teaching Career in Scotland


There are lots of professional routes that lead to becoming a teacher, but in all of them, an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) qualification, or an equivalent qualification if you have trained outside Scotland is compulsorily needed.


The ITE qualification through is obtained either through a four-year undergraduate degree or through a postgraduate Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).


Eligibility Requirements for Teaching Jobs in Scotland


You are eligible to become a teacher in Scotland if you have:


  • Completed a four-year undergraduate course in education;
  • Completed an undergraduate course, and then a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE);
  • Qualified outside of Scotland, with equivalent qualifications


What kind of Teacher would you be in Scotland?


There are two categories of teachers in this context. You can either be a Primary School teacher or a Secondary School teacher.


Primary School Teaching


Primary schooling typically starts at 4 or 5 until 12 years of age. Primary school teachers cover lessons in all areas of Curriculum for Excellence including:

  • Expressive arts,
  • Health and wellbeing,
  • Languages,
  • Mathematics,
  • Religious and Moral Education,
  • Sciences,
  • Social studies and
  • Technologies.


There are a number of undergraduate, postgraduate and alternative routes into primary school teaching. Read more about how to become a primary school teacher.


Secondary School Teaching


Secondary school pupils are typically young people between 12 and 18 years of age. As a secondary teacher you will teach specialist subject to the pupils and be able to inspire them in your subject as well as support their health and wellbeing in their formative years. The routes into secondary teaching are different to those into primary. Find out how to become a secondary school teacher in Scotland.


Required Skills and Qualities for Teaching‍


  • For you to be a good teacher you must have the following:
  • Good talking and listening skills
  • Ability to share your know-how
  • Ability to lead the way as a role model
  • Ability to strike a balance between your pupils’ needs and the challenges attached
  • Openness to change and adapt to situation suitable for your pupils at any time
  • Patience, integrity and consistency
  • Sense of humour


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