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Most in Demand Jobs in Germany for Skilled Workers

Are you a professional in your field and you are looking for a job in Germany? This could be for you! There are various job vacancies in Germany for both highly skilled and low skilled workers. These vacancies are in different sectors – public and private, and different fields too. Like you know, each region has specific jobs that it is known for and these specific jobs require specific workers too. Germany, like other countries, has her own peculiar high in demand jobs and special classes of workers are needed to fit into those job vacancies.

Within Germany, the German labour market changes according to the different regions. For instance, in the regions of the former East Germany it is harder to find work because unemployment is higher, while in the regions of the former West Germany there is almost no unemployment and it is much easier to find work. This brings us to letting you know some of the most in demand jobs in Germany.

List of Most in Demand Jobs in Germany for High Skilled workers

Here we have a list of jobs available for highly skilled and professional workers in Germany. The jobs are available for Internet Technology (IT personnel), engineers and medical practitioners.

Internet Technology (IT)

The IT industry is a very large and lucrative sector that offers countless employment opportunities not only in Germany but the world at large. In Germany particularly, there are many multinational companies based in the internet sector that are looking IT professionals for immediate employments. In most cases, only workers who can speak and write English Language are considered fit for the work.


The position of automotive, infrastructural and chemical sectors in Germany has placed engineering as one of the most in demand professions in the country. As we all know, there is a continuous demand for professionals in these sectors. From records so far, it is expected that the following areas of engineering will have a high number of vacancies in years to come:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Process engineering


There are genuine employment opportunities for health professionals in Germany. Foreign medical practitioners with recognized certificates can easily move to Germany and get themselves lucrative jobs with conducive working environment in either German hospitals or homes. Though excellent German Language skills are needed, health professionals who have no German Language skills can as well be employed and thereafter gradually get acquainted with the language skills.

Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners.

List of Most in Demand Jobs in Germany for Low Skilled Workers

While jobs high skilled workers require high academic qualifications, those for low skilled workers require little or no academic qualification. The most in demand jobs in Germany for low skilled workers include (but not limited to) the following: labourers/warehouse works, courier services, shops and supermarkets attendants, construction works, and truck driving.

Labourers/Warehouse Works

Almost all the factories and warehouses in Germany are in need of labourers and warehouse keepers respectively, so it is not difficult to secure jobs of this category. Meanwhile, German language skills are often required, except for some international companies like amazon, where it is possible to work in some functions without having German Language skills only.

Courier Services

In Germany, courier workers are in high demand. This work is mostly taken by foreigners and it is lucrative. Please note that this type of activity does not require a high level of German language skill and no academic qualification is required.

Shops and Supermarkets Attendants

With the growth of the retail sector, there are many employment opportunities for unprofessional marketers in Germany. There is a need for retail clerks and salespersons in shops and supermarkets. It is necessary to note that except for shop or shelf cleaners, good language skills are required to enable one make a good shop or supermarket attendant.

Construction Workers

There are many job opportunities for construction workers in Germany. Carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, plumbers, electricians, painters and some other simple-duty labourers are in high demand at construction and building sites. Almost all workers in the construction industry are foreigners, so there is often already a compatriot on the team who knows German, newcomers are not even required to know the language as the most important requirement is manpower and little skills.

Trucker Driving

Recently, truck driving has become a very competitive job in Germany and highly demanded jobs in Germany. Truck drivers in the country are making it big. Basic knowledge of the German language is often required for this type of job but no company would delay in employing an experienced truck driver on the ground of lack of German language..

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