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Free Canadian Visa for Ukrainian Victims of Russia Invasion | Apply for CUAET

Knowing well that a lot of persons and families have been left stranded as a result of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Canadian Government has in support of those affected created the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET). The creation is to help Ukrainians and their family members come to Canada as quickly as possible and to as well provide them with the ability to work and study while in Canada. Note that this is strictly for Ukrainian Victims of Russia Invasion.

Those who are already in Canada are also provided with the option to extend their visitor status, work permit or study permit so that they can continue to live and work or study in Canada temporarily through CUAET.

The Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) is designed to give Ukrainian citizens a visitor visa to come to Canada temporarily, until it is safe to return to Ukraine. The visitor visa

  • is fee-exempt
  • is valid for 10 years or until your passport expires
  • allows holders to travel in and out of Canada, as long as it is valid
  • will be processed on a priority basis
  • gives holders the option to apply for a fee-exempt work permit at the same time
  • Your status at Canadian border

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Upon your arrival at the Canada border, you will be given status as either a

  • visitor
  • worker, if you applied for the open work permit
  • student, if you’re under 18 and want to study in Canada

Who can apply for CUAET

Only Ukrainian nationals or family members of a Ukrainian nationals with a valid Ukrainian passport or any other national identity document can apply for CUAET and get their Canadian Visa for Ukrainian Victims.

Those without any identity document will be subjected to review by officers to determine if they meet the requirements for a temporary resident permit.

Fees to pay

You are not required to pay fees to obtain any of the following:

  • temporary resident visa
  • open work permit
  • study permit
  • biometrics
  • temporary resident permit

You will only pay for your chest x-ray and blood test if you are told to get one.

Application instructions

Get more information about the Canadian Visa for Ukrainian Victims of Russia Invasion, including application instructions and process your application via the official website at www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees/


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