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Meat Packer Jobs in Canada for Foreigners that pays $13 per Hour

Meat packers are urgently needed in Canada by Eastern Meat Purveyors and other meat industries. A Meat packer in Canada earns up to $13 per hour and only works for 40 hours per week plus. There are other incentives added to the salary that make the job more interesting. You will be provided with a good working condition. As a meat packer, you will be working in neat, and healthy environment. This article will guide you in all you need to know about Meat Packer Jobs in Canada for Foreigners.

A meat packer is required to have knowledge of biology of plant and animal organisms, public safety and security, food production, production and processing, and of the machines used to pack the meat.

Duties of a meat packer

As a meat packer, your duties include:

  • to pack meats in the various containers
  • running a meat grinder
  • to maintain FDA regulations by keeping meat slicing utensils, tables, and floors sanitized
  • implementation of safety techniques according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and attend regular safety meetings to ensure all safety techniques are properly implement
  • packing and shipping online orders of nutrition/exercise products
  • loading materials and products into package-processing equipment
  • measuring, weighing and counting product materials
  • moving or lifting heavy objects, loading, unloading or stacking products or materials
  • maintaining a clean and safe work area
  • sorting manufacturing materials or products, operating packaging machine equipment
  • recording product, packaging and order information on forms and records.

Required skills of a meat packer jobs in Canada

A meat packer is required to have the following skills:

  • equipment selection skills to enable him choose proper tools for each task of the meat-packing process
  • operation and control skills for operations of equipment and tools
  • reading comprehension skills to enable you understand written instructions
  • active listening skills full attention to what other people say and to fully understand them
  • physical strength for lifting, pulling, pushing or carrying heavy objects or do the packing of the meat. Arm and hand steadiness is also also required here.

Other meat packing Job requirements

Languages: English
Education: No degree, certificate or diploma
Experience: No experience
Weight Handling: Up to 23 kg (50 lbs)
Work Setting: Meat processing and/or packing plant/establishment
Work Site Environment: Wet/damp; Cold/refrigerated
Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment; Attention to detail; and Standing for a long periods.

Safety measures for meat packer jobs in Canada

Take the following safety measures while you work as a meat packer in Canada:

  • Ensure sanitation and all safety procedures
  • Conduct environmental safety inspections in accordance with standard protocols to ensure safety for other employees and customers
  • Ensure safety and quality performance
  • Meet daily quota for production
  • Utilize safety procedures following established safety rules and regulations
  • Select proper packaging material to ensure safety of products
  • Follow all safety rules regarding machine operation and proper guarding
  • Ensure you complete miscellaneous tasks as directed
  • Followed all general safety rules and regulations guiding the workplace.

Your salary as meat packer

As a meat packer, you can earn up to $13 per hour and you can work only 40 hours per week. This is above earnings for some other jobs in Canada for foreigners.

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