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Edinburgh Legal Education Trust Scholarships for LLM Researchers 2022/23

The Edinburgh Legal Education Trust Scholarships for LLM Researchers 2022/23 is available for postgraduate researchers in Scots private law at the University of Edinburgh. The scholarship is offered by the Edinburgh Legal Education Trust to LLM students based on the credibility of their research topics, and it is to be awarded for study beginning in September 2022.

The Education Trust was founded in 1996 purposely for the advancement of legal education.

Eligible Institution

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Eligible programmes for Edinburgh Legal Education Trust Scholarships for LLM Researchers

The scholarship is strictly for LLM thesis writers. Every applicants is free to choose a topic to write on so long as such topic bothers on legal doctrine. Topics on legal theory or socio-legal issues are not accepted for this scholarship. It is also required that each topic should be written on Historical or comparative perspectives. The thesis should be up to 30,000 words.

Despite the free choice of topics given to applicants, we advise that they play smart by writing the topics that the Trustees are willing to fund. The Trustees are willing to fund the following topics already published by the Trust as books:

  • Andrew J M Steven, Pledge and Lien (2008)
  • Ross Gilbert Anderson, Assignation (2008)
  • Jill Robbie, Private Water Rights (2015)
  • Craig Anderson, Possession of Corporeal Movables (2015)
  • Daniel J Carr, Ideas of Equity (2016)
  • Chathuni Jayathilaka, Sale and the Implied Warranty of Soundness (2019)
  • Alasdair Peterson, Prescriptive Servitudes (2020)
  • John MacLeod, Fraud and Voidable Transfer (2020)
  • Alisdair D J MacPherson, The Floating Charge (2020)
  • Andrew Sweeney, The Landlord’s Hypothec (2021)

Lucky candidates may also after the LLM Research scholarship, be selected for PhD scholarships in the following areas:

  • Delict: eg public authority liability; defamation; intentional delicts; privacy; causation
  • Trusts: eg constitution and nature; administration; trusts arising by operation of law, especially constructive trusts; history
  • Succession: eg legacies; special destinations; legal rights; executors and administration of the estate
  • Leases: eg, constitution, transfer and extinction; rights and duties of the parties; commercial leases
  • Aspects of the law of rights in security
  • Good faith
  • Neighbour law: eg trespass; encroachment; nuisance; aemulatio vicini
  • Public rights over water
  • Public rights of way
  • Negative prescription
  • Law of persons and personality
  • Family law
  • Unincorporated associations
  • Liferents
  • The influence of Roman law or English law on Scots private law
  • One or more institutional writers
  • Minerals (perhaps extending to look at separate tenements generally)
  • Sale
  • Unjustified enrichment
  • Negotiorum gestio
  • Contract: eg formation; defects of consent; implied terms; jus quaesitum tertio; breach
  • Set-off
  • Remedies

Eligible countries

The Edinburgh Legal Education Trust Scholarships for LLM Researchers are available for international students from all countries of the world.

Number of scholarships

Not specified.

Apply for Fulbright Global Wales Master’s Scholarship for International Students.

Scholarship benefits

This is a fully funded scholarship and selected candidates will enjoy the following:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Stipends of of £10,926
  • A limited amount of assistance not exceeding £400 from the Trust in respect of research expenses

Applicants are to note that fees will be paid by the Trust directly to the University of Edinburgh, while maintenance allowances will be paid directly to the students in four equal instalments on 15 September, 15 December, 15 March and 15 June.

Scholarship duration

The scholarship is awarded for one year in the first instance, but will be renewed annually for a further two years, subject to satisfactory progress.

Eligibility criteria

Eligible applicants must:

  • hold an honours degree in law, or an ordinary degree in law plus an honours degree in a different discipline
  • have been accepted by the University of Edinburgh for the degree of LLM by Research
  • be residence in Edinburgh, or sufficiently near Edinburgh to come in regularly to the Edinburgh Law School

Application guidelines

Apply for the any programme of your choice and complete your scholarship application by filling the Edinburgh Legal Education Trust Scholarship Application Form and submit via phd.law@ed.ac.uk

Application deadline

9 May, 2022.

Kindly visit the scholarship official website at www.law.ed.ac.uk/study/research-degrees/scholarships for more information and your application.


DISCLAIMER: Applicants are advised to note that Scholars Guide is not a scholarship agency, and as such may not have any link with the scholarship provider(s). Here, we only advertise scholarships. Therefore, go to the scholarship official website above, read more about the scholarship and make your application.

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