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BC Government Jobs for Foreigners in Canada | Apply now

There are many BC Government Jobs for Foreigners to occupy. We know you must have explored different platforms in search of the appropriate information but you have not been able to locate any. Bother no more, this article is prepared to guide you with every possible information and guidelines you need towards getting employed into any of the British Columbia Government Jobs.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia (BC) is Canada’s westernmost province with Victoria as its Capital. Victoria is the fifteenth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, and was named after Queen Victoria, who ruled over the British Empire at Confederation. Victoria is the fifteenth-largest metropolitan region in Canada. nd was named after Queen Victoria, who ruled over the British Empire at Confederation. According to official estimates, British Columbia is the third-most populated province in Canada. As at 2021,  British Columbia has a projected population of 5.1 million people.

The biggest city in Canada is Vancouver, and it is the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada, the largest in Western Canada, and the second-largest in the Pacific Northwest. The metro region is also the third-largest in the world. According to record in 2013 population estimates, Greater Vancouver has a population of about 2.5 million people .

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Recently, the British Columbia Public Service has been named one of Canada’s top 100 employers, and it provides exceptional possibilities for professional advancement and development of careers and the system at large. This is obviously your chance to work in an award wining company.

We take time give you this brief analysis to enable you have a background knowledge of a city you would be working at should you get employed.

Job Key points

Employer Name: Government of British Columbia
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 2000
Salary: $550.00 – $5500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: British Columbia

Eligibility requirements for employment at British Columbia Government Jobs.

For you to be eligible for the BC Government Jobs, you must:

  •  Be at least 16 years old and legally permitted to work in the country.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada or that you have been granted permission to work in Canada under the federal Immigration Act (unless stated otherwise in the posting).
  • Be eligible for transfer or demotion within the terms of Article 12.1(e) of the BCGEU Master Agreement to be considered (two-year obligation at your current geographic location).
  • If you are a current auxiliary worker, have worked for more than 30 days (210 hours) so you can be considered as an in-service candidate. You are eligible to apply for internal jobs within the company.
  • Adhere to any geographical or other limitations and regulations that may be applicable.

Your benefits

Being a worker under the British Columbia Government Jobs means you are entitled to the following:

  • Excellent Place to Work
  • A workplace that is both productive and challenging, with a fantastic staff
  • Excellent compensation and a pleasant working environment
  • Excellent job security and living conditions
  • Exclusive access to a variety of employment possibilities
  • Screening, testing, and evaluation that are standardized and simplified

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Outside the entitlements listed above, you are handsomely paid and salary varies according to your department. See the range of salaries below:

  • $14.00 per hour for Administrative Assistant
  • $25.00 per hour for Service Delivery Officer, with Administrative Assistants. As a result, the typical BC Government Jobs pay varies from about $53,600 per year for a Service Delivery Officer to $58,000 per year for an Administrative Assistant, with the
  • Highest compensation per year for an Administrative Assistant is $58,000


Learn more and apply for the BC Government Jobs for Foreigners here.

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