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UNEATLANTICO Merit and Academic Excellence Scholarship

Universidad Europea del Atlantico  (UNEATLANTICO) has created a scholarship that aims to promote students with brilliant academic records and ensure they access university studies. The scholarship has become so necessary as it has become a way of empowering outstanding young scholars who have demonstrated high level of effort and dedication throughout their training.

Host institution

European University of Atlantic, Spain.

Eligible programs for UNEATLANTICO Merit and Academic Excellence Scholarship

All undergraduate courses at European University of Atlantic.

Target countries

Students from any country of the world can apply.

Number of scholarships

Not specified.

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Scholarship benefits

The benefits accrue to selected candidates for UNEATLANTICO Merit and Academic Excellence Scholarship depend on the entry grade of each selected candidate and percentage of applicable economic exemption.

  • Applicants who graduated with Honors are entitled to 100%  tuition fee is waiver
  • Applications with a grade equivalent to and contained in a range from 9 to 10 will get a 75% tuition fee waiver
  • Applicants with a grade equivalent to and in a range from 8 and 8.99 are entitled to 50% tuition fee waiver

Eligibility criteria

For you to be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

  • Have formalized the pre-registration in any of the Official Undergraduates of UNEATLANTICO
  • Meet the academic requirements, regarding the average obtained grade required in this call

Application guidelines

  • Obtain your Application Form in person at the Students’ service and Scholarships of the European University of the Atlantic.
  • Personal academic record of the studies granting the access to the Undergraduate (Grades of the University Entrance Exams or EBAU, academic certification of the Advanced Level Specific Vocational Training…). The document has to state the average grade obtained or, in case that is not possible, the grade obtained in each subject.
  • Submit your documents to European University of the Atlantic Scholarship Service Parque Científicoy Tecnológico de Cantabria, C/Isabel Torres 21, 39011 Santander.

Application timeline

Applications open and close between January 7th and ends on July 15th.

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