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Top Jobs in Germany for English Speakers 2023

Hey Readers,

Are you an English speaker currently residing in Germany or you want to migrate to Germany? If “YES” is your answer, we are here for you. A lot of job opportunities are available in Germany exclusively for English speakers. As you may have known before now, there are some jobs that require specific language(s) for easier communication between the employer, employee and the client. In Germany for instance, there are certain jobs that cannot be given to employees who only speak German. This is because, there must be a very wide communication gap between the said employees and the targeted clients. These jobs are jobs that are exclusively reserved for those with the befitting language(s).

Therefore, if you are an English speaker in need of job(s) in Germany, this article is basically for you as you may luckily get employed for any of the jobs in our list.

List of Top Jobs in Germany for English Speakers

Among others, the following are the top jobs in Germany for English speakers:

1. Market Research Project Assistant

A good number of firms in Germany such as M3 Global Research and others are looking for qualified Project Assistants (for full-time and part-time employment) who can coordinate market research sampling tasks for German speaking markets including recruiting market research participants for Germany via phone and to engage new respondents to complete market research projects. It is the duty of a Project Assistant to provide high quality customer service to panel members and other research participants by answering questions and resolving inquiries regarding registration, accounts, study participation, compensation among others.

The duties include:

  • Market research projects
  • Project recruitment
  • Panel support
  • Knowledge, skill, ability

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2. Customer Support Agent at Circus Kitchens

Customer Support Agent jobs are available at Circus Kitchens in Germany. Located in Hamburg, Circus Kitchens are offering cooking classes for young chefs who want to explore the planet in catering business. The management of Circus Kitchens believes that cooking should be a loved hobby, but not a daily necessity. Driven by the mission to fuel people’s busy every day lives, Circus Kitchens are building a radically more convenient, sustainable, and affordable solution in food delivery. They offer meals designed in collaboration with Top Chefs and Creators to bring a private chef experience to customers’ dining tables on-demand.

Apply here.


3. Social Media and Content Marketing

With over 100 “Kaianeers” spread across the globe, the company now need, more than ever, specialized talent to help take further its mission. Kaia Health Software GmbH is looking for intern or working students who will join their EU Marketing team as a creative thinker and doer! If employed, you will work closely with the company’s content team and other marketing members to create brand-new content for their social media channels, kick-off their social media strategy and build a strong community.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and posting patient-facing content
  • Managing channels for both COPD and back pain with a focus on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Set-up new Instagram channels
  • Managing the editorial calendar
  • Researching topics that could be of interest to patients and the medical community
  • Researching relevant keywords for new blog articles
  • Working in the CMS to keep the company’s website content up to date
  • Coming up with new ideas for campaigns which you will execute together with the marketing team
  • Copywriting for different media and channels

Apply here.



4. Full Stack Software Developer Jobs

Digitalprojekt 4 GmbH is looking for experienced software developers for urgent employment. Digitalprojekt 4 GmbH is an innovation subsidiary of EWE, the 5th largest energy provider in Germany. According to record, the company’s talented dev team worked on building an online marketplace for gas & electricity supply contracts (Amperas). The company is on a mission to create the best digital products and services to help meet Germany’s growing e-mobility demands. In the quest to accomplish this mission, Digitalprojekt 4 GmbH has created a lot of software developer jobs in Germany.

Responsibilities include:

  • Building and improving their SaaS products in the e-mobility field as part of a high-performing cross-functional Scrum team
  • Designing and implementing an architecture based on microservices and micro-frontends for a distributed eMobility Service Provider (EMSP) application
  • Developing end-to-end functionality using TypeScript, React, serverless microservices with Node.js, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, and AWS CDK
  • Having your code and related dependencies, maintain CI/CD and cloud infrastructure using the infrastructure-as-code (IaC) practice
  • Writing clean, readable, testable, and maintainable code that performs and scales.
  • Advocating for best practices and coding standards
  • Multiplying your impact by sharing knowledge, mentoring your fellow team members, conducting PR reviews, pair programming, and technical demos
  • Supporting the company’s product team in developing new strategies and digital-first business models.
  • Working together with designers to create outstanding UI/UX

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DISCLAIMER: Applicants are advised to note that Scholars Guide is not a job agency, and as such may not have any link with the job provider(s). Though we only advertise genuine and verified jobs, we urge interested persons to kindly visit the job official website above for more information and application as Scholars Guide will not be liable for damages and or benefits incurred while applying for any of the top jobs in Germany for English speakers.



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