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Senior Network Engineering Jobs in Canada

The dream of becoming a high profiled Network Engineer is realizable here. If you have experience across a diverse range of network hardware/software, protocols and routing – this is directly for you. There are plethora of Network Engineering Jobs in Canada that any qualified person cannot afford to miss. The vacancies are all in big reputable firms in the country who are in need of experienced Network Engineers for urgent employment.

General Responsibilities of a Senior Network Engineer in Canada

Being a Senior Network Engineer saddles you with the following responsibilities:

  • Translation of business needs into technical actions and plans
  • Handling of technology lifecycles; production of architectural and engineering plans; and as well setting roadmaps for data network solutions
  • Provision of technical direction and requirements to service providers to ensure there is optimum delivery of committed service levels
  • Supporting the design, review and validation of network solutions for network-related projects
  • Assessing, analyzing and synthesizing network data in support of the current network infrastructure
  • Assessing alternatives for short-term and long-term impacts and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Analyzing current network designs and operational standards with a view to identifying gaps and improvements in the system and as well collaborate with architecture team to deploy new standards.
  • Finding solutions for business units that encompass Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 operations in addition to the technical solution, aligning with corporate and/or group standards, service definitions, and strategies
  • Implementation of technical solutions
  • Contributing to design cases and proposals
  • Provision of good governance oversight and resolving complex network problems within the business units, other infrastructure teams and external vendors
  • Provision of professional mentorship and technical support to more junior members of the team

Job Requirements

To be employed as Senior Network Engineer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Strong Cisco routing and switching experience
  • Strong hardware building experience and deployment
  • Proficient knowledge on Network standards and methodologies
  • Experience with Aruba networks and other vendor products such as Arista, Juniper, etc.
  • Good background experience in network and security
  • IPSEC and VPN Tunnel experience
  • Minimum of 5yrs experience in telecommunications and networking
  • Minimum of college/degree in computer science, technology, certification in network security technology

Job Benefits

  • A competitive salary and benefits packages in addition to a conducive work environment
  • Unfettered opportunities to follow your passions and learn new skills
  • A focus on growing your career path with your employer company
  • Flexible work policies and strong work-life balance are as well provided
  • Access to professional development and leadership opportunities

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