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Senior DevOps Engineer Jobs in Germany

Senior DevOps Engineers are seriously needed for urgent employment at some companies in Germany. If you are a Senior DevOps Engineer and you want to work in Germany, this is a must read for you. There are Senior DevOps Engineer Jobs available in companies such as Jochen Schweizer and mydays including others in the same category.


The Jochen Schweizer and mydays are the two leading brands on the adventure market. These brands were united under the umbrella of the JSMD Group in October 2017. A booking platform provider known as Regiondo GmbH is also under this group. As Germany’s largest online provider of experience gifts Jochen Schweizer and mydays enrich the lives of their customers even more comprehensively with their combined competence and strength. They know what sparks squeaks, adrenaline attacks, expressions of love and storms of enthusiasm. They are looking for experts who can build and maintain services that run in a large-scale cloud environment to provide a stable and scalable platform for one of the DACH region’s largest providers of experiences and Europe’s leading B2B booking platform in the leisure industry.


Senior DevOps Engineers are handsomely paid and provided with perfect working environments. They are seen as hotcakes by various tech companies in Germany.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

As a professional DevOps Engineer, you are saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Design and develop code that improves the availability, scalability and stability of a cloud platform
  • Build monitoring and alerting solutions to catch problems early and prevent them from reoccurring
  • Increase the robustness, observability, and resilience of applications and enable teams with operational excellence and custom tooling
  • Work with bleeding-edge technologies and concepts such as containerized applications, container orchestration using Kubernetes, service meshes using Istio, among many others

Job Qualifications

The following constitute your qualification for the job:

  • Knowledge of Unix environments and at least one scripting or programming language
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud native concepts
  • Agile mindset and solution driven way of thinking
  • Being self-organized working and willing to know more
  • Passion for knowledge sharing with your team members regarding good practices, code quality and tech frameworks

Required Skills

One or multiple of the following skills will be of advantage to you

  • Experience in AWS or other cloud providers
  • Understanding of microservices architecture
  • Understanding of container virtualization
  • Experience in event driven architectures, messaging patterns and Apache Kafka

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