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Scholarship In New Zealand For Indian Students

Unveiling Opportunities: Scholarships in New Zealand for Indian Students

New Zealand, with its stunning landscapes, world-class education system, and welcoming culture, beckons Indian students seeking an enriching academic experience abroad. Fortunately, numerous scholarships are available to help bridge the financial gap and make this dream a reality.

Government Scholarships:

  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships: Funded by the New Zealand government, this prestigious scholarship offers full tuition fees, living allowances, travel costs, and health insurance. It supports both undergraduate and postgraduate studies [Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)].
  • New Zealand Excellence Awards: This government initiative provides partial tuition fee support (NZ$10,000 to NZ$20,000) to outstanding Indian students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in New Zealand universities.

University Scholarships:

Many universities in New Zealand offer scholarships specifically for international students, including Indians. These scholarships vary in value and cover tuition fees, living expenses, or a combination of both. Here are a few examples:

  • Victoria University of Wellington: Provides scholarships for doctoral and master’s programs, covering tuition fees and offering stipends.
  • University of Waikato: Offers scholarships like the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship (undergraduate) and University of Waikato International Scholarships (undergraduate & postgraduate)

Other Opportunities:

  • Institutional Scholarships: Several institutes and organizations in New Zealand offer scholarships for Indian students. Researching these options can uncover additional funding opportunities.

Finding the Right Scholarship:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements related to academic merit, field of study,and level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate). Carefully review these criteria before applying.
  • Application Deadlines: Scholarship deadlines vary. Ensure you submit your application well in advance to avoid missing out.
  • University Websites: University websites are a great starting point to explore scholarship options. Look for dedicated scholarship sections or international student pages.
  • Education New Zealand: This government agency provides information on scholarships for international students , including Indians.


Scholarships in New Zealand offer a fantastic opportunity for Indian students to pursue their academic goals in a supportive environment. By diligently researching available options and meeting eligibility criteria, you can turn your dream of studying in New Zealand into a reality.

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