Post Doc Scholarship In Saudi Arabia

Launch Your Research Career in Saudi Arabia: A Look at Postdoctoral Scholarships

Saudi Arabia is rapidly emerging as a hub for scientific research and innovation. This trend is attracting a growing number of international scholars, particularly those seeking postdoctoral opportunities. For recent PhD graduates, scholarships in Saudi Arabia offer a chance to delve deeper into their fields while being financially supported.

A Land of Opportunity

Several universities and research institutions in Saudi Arabia provide postdoctoral scholarships. A notable example is the KAUST Global Fellowship Program, offered by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). This prestigious program grants funding to exceptional researchers for a three-year period. The fellowship focuses on research aligned with critical global challenges, providing a platform for impactful scientific exploration.

Finding the Right Fit

While the KAUST fellowship is a prominent example, it’s important to explore the wider scholarship landscape. Universities often advertise their postdoctoral positions directly on their websites. Resources like ScholarshipDb.Net aggregate listings for postdoctoral researcher positions in Saudi Arabia, allowing you to search based on your field of study.

Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility criteria for postdoctoral scholarships in Saudi Arabia will vary depending on the program. Generally, applicants must have a PhD earned within the past four years or possess equivalent research experience. Additionally, fluency in English is often a requirement. Furthermore, some programs may require your proposed research to align with the institution’s specific areas of focus.

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

For international scholars, receiving a scholarship in Saudi Arabia often entails obtaining a residency visa. The specific requirements and processes will vary, so it’s crucial to consult the scholarship provider for details. Generally, universities can assist with the visa application process.


Postdoctoral scholarships in Saudi Arabia offer a unique opportunity to propel your research career forward. With generous funding and the chance to collaborate with world-class researchers, these programs can be a springboard for significant scientific contributions. If you’re a recent PhD graduate eager to explore new frontiers in research, consider the possibilities that await in Saudi Arabia.

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