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Patient Care Assistant Jobs at Ramsay Health Care | Work in Australia

A lot of patient care assistant jobs are available in Australia for even foreigners. Qualified caregivers in Australia especially those with the required certificates in the health sector easily get employed as care assistants. Under the guidance of a registered nurse, a patient care assistant will care for and comfort individuals who are ill, undergoing surgery or disabled. They provide basic medical and personal care to patients in a clinical setting.

Part of the jobs undertaken by a patient care assistant is assisting both the nurse and the patient in completing daily tasks. A patient care assistant often communicate with patients and relay necessary information to the patients’ doctors. This particular task requires them to be very empathetic and to be able to connect and interact well with their patients. Their work can often be physical, and it can require long hours on their feet, which means that a patient care aid should be in adequate shape without infirmity.

Patient Care Assistants usually work alongside nurses and doctors as a team so they can be able to take and follow directions and as well offer help at any point in time.

Among the top employers of Patient Care Assistants in Australia is Ramsay Health Care Limited. The health care company is an Australian multinational healthcare provider and hospital network, founded by Paul Ramsay in Sydney, Australia, in 1964.

Ramsay Health Care Limited operates in Australia, Europe, the UK, and Asia with over 2,000 people and has more than 700 accredited specialists working across a wide range of disciplines including cardiology, gastroenterology, general medicine, general surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedics, palliative care, psychiatry, rehabilitation and urology.

The Perth WA, Australia office of Ramsay Health Care Limited is currently employing Patient Care Assistants.

Essential Responsibilities of a Patient Care Assistant

It is the responsibility of a Patient Care Assistant to:

  • Take cognizance of vital signs on patients and record same on a medical chart
  • Assist with the collection of lab specimens
  • Transport patients to and from operating rooms, laboratories, and examining rooms
  • Help with bathing and other grooming tasks
  • Assist patients who need walking or standing assistance
  • Communicates a patient’s needs to nurses and doctors as appropriate
  • Feed patients and ensuring that any special dietary needs are strictly adhered to
  • Aid doctors, nurses or even patients in the use of any medical devices and equipment required at any point or for their specific condition
  • Assist individuals with administration of drugs when needed
  • Lift patients in order to move them and prevent bedsores
  • Update relief workers on any unusual situation that may need to be addressed during their shift

Job Requirements

To be a Patient Care Assistant, you must:

  • Have basic Medical Certificate and/or field training
  • Have strong knowledge of medical terminology, diseases, and procedures
  • Understand basic first aid and CPR and as well be capable of administering them if need be
  • Demonstrate your interest in the health and well-being of others
  • Be willing to place the needs of others first
  • Have the ability to work without supervision
  • Be able to maintain patient confidentiality
  • Possess good time management skills
  • Have good physical strength and stamina

Regular precautions are to be taken by Patient Care Assistants in ensuring their own good health such as hand washing and drinking plenty of fluids as they are often exposed to different types of communicable diseases


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