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Nigeria Politics: Leadership Focus of Mr Peter Obi and Nyesom Wike Compared

A concerned Nigerian by name Nnaji Lebechi Peter has taken to his Facebook handle to analyse the the areas where the Labour Party Presidential flag bearer, Mr Peter Obi and the Rivers State Governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike, a former presidential aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party would focus if allowed to rule the country. He went further to analyse why, if possible the both should be allowed to rule or work together. In his words:

“In my madness, I would say that Nigeria needs two Presidents, one for economy and the other for security. And if I were to choose, my options would be Obi and Wike respectively.

Obi knows very little about security planning, but he is a master in economic planning. Wike on the other hand, knows no much about economic planning, but he is a Major in security planning.

If you allow Obi to stop insecurity in Nigeria, he’ll focus mainly on job creation and employment (which may not even be effective because Nigeria depends on importation and may not put a stop to anything importation to grow domestic production) without being tactically rude on the criminals in the bush. To Obi, if he create jobs, those guys will return and get employed.

On Wike’s angle, if he is to resurrect the country, he would only focus on insecurity and even be ready to enter the bush with gun. Instead of him not to win the war against banditry and terrorism, he would stand and watch Nigerians feed on grasses. He go say na pesin wey dey alive dey plan economy.

These two mean well for the country from two good marriageable perspectives.

I may not be correct, but ask Mr Obi how he can contain the deplorable security situation in the country and he’ll end up giving you statistics more related to economic management than security framework. Then, call Barr. Wike and ask him how he can resurrect the country’s dilapidating economy and he’ll end up telling how ready he is to meet those boys in the bush and collect their guns from them.

If it is possible, I would suggest the two should rule the country.

If the economy should be brought back to life, the country needs to ban any sort of importation for a year. If we survive, then we survive a great nation. Ban importations and see everyone struggling for entrepreneurship. It will be painful but it’ll bring overwhelming joy at the end. Massive job creation and employment in a country where almost everything is being imported will at the end lead to retrenchment and liquidation of companies because we’re more comfortable with imported goods than we are with our domestically produced items.

Also, if you depend on job creation and employment to stop security challenges in the country, your term of office as a President will elapse without you even employing 60% of innocent peace loving unemployed citizens, let alone bringing back those who have resorted to arms and ammunition with the bush as their habitation. Think even about a sane sector you can employ someone who is already into banditry and terrorism that would fetch him in a month even 50% of what he earns a week. In Nigeria, bandits and terrorists are, in earnings, close to our brothers in European football.

Let me sound somehow sentimental to the gullible. No Muslim man can take Nigeria to a normal track as a democratically peopled country. I repeat. No man of Muslim faith can resurrect Nigeria. Party and ethnicity aside. The love that exists among the Muslims and the order given to their political leaders from ishi mini cannot (I said cannot) allow them deal reasonably with those who’re bent on forcing this country into an Islamic State. A Christian has no business trying to christianize the country, that’s certain.

However, as a party man, I pray Atiku wins let my party take over the country but that will still not yield the expected change in the country. On the other hand, if Obi wins, he may in his attempt to balance power, go for a Muslim Chief of Army Staff (I don’t even know if the COAS is the apex military position before the President), which will still be same as having a Muslim President.

Finally, above all, the unity of the country is still a topic to be discussed another day.”

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