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MBBS Scholarship In Saudi Arabia For International Students

Chasing a Career in Medicine: Exploring MBBS Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students

For aspiring doctors internationally, Saudi Arabia might be an unexpected destination to consider for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) studies. However, the Kingdom offers a surprisingly robust scholarship landscape, potentially making your medical school dream a reality.

Scholarship Opportunities:

While there aren’t currently any country-specific scholarships for MBBS in Saudi Arabia, several programs welcome international applicants. Here are some possibilities:

  • University-based Scholarships: Many Saudi universities offer merit-based scholarships that cover full or partial tuition fees. Research universities like King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and King Faisal University are known for such opportunities.

  • International Scholarships: Explore scholarships offered by organizations like the Islamic Development Bank or the Rotary Foundation, which might support medical studies in Saudi Arabia.

Things to Consider:

  • Language: Arabic is the primary language of instruction in most institutions. However, some universities offer MBBS programs in English, particularly for international students.

  • Eligibility: Scholarship requirements vary, but expect to have excellent academic records, strong entrance exam scores (like MCAT), and proficiency in the program’s language.

  • Cultural Considerations: Saudi Arabia has a unique cultural environment. Researching local customs and expectations can ease your transition.

Finding the Right Scholarship:

  • University Websites: Each university has a dedicated scholarship section on their website. Meticulously explore these resources.

  • Scholarship Aggregators: Platforms like [World Scholarship Forum] or [Scholarships.com] can be helpful for discovering relevant scholarships.

  • Government Websites: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education website might offer insights into scholarship opportunities.

Beyond Scholarships:

  • Cost of Living: While scholarships cover tuition, consider living expenses. Researching average costs can help with budgeting.

  • Visa Requirements: International students need a student visa. Universities often assist with the process.


Studying MBBS in Saudi Arabia with a scholarship can be a rewarding path to a medical career. With thorough research, strong academic standing, and cultural awareness, you can increase your chances of securing a scholarship and embarking on this exciting academic journey.

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