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Manager of New Technologies Jobs at AMSilk GmbH in Germany

Manager of New Technologies is need for urgent employment at AMSilk GmbH. Located in Germany, the AMSilk GmbH is the world’s first industrial supplier of smart biotech materials with current scale-up phase by applying an outstanding technology protein platform based on silk proteins for a variety of applications such as textile fibers, medical devices and consumer goods. The Company is always one step ahead and aims to make smart biotech materials a part of everyday life through its customizable solutions.



At AMSilk GmbH, high performance and strive for excellence are encouraged and rewarded. The company firmly believes in the value added by every single person to her diverse team. New ideas and contributions are valued as every idea is channeled finding better solutions in the company. As an employee, the company is devoted to your well-being and personal development too. AMSilk GmbH promotes inclusiveness and a multicultural environment where employees work together in teams to enrich their culture and skills. Fairness and integrity are the watchwords.

Responsibilities of a Manager of New Technologies at AMSilk GmbH

As a Manager of New Technologies at AMSilk GmbH your responsibilities include:

  • Designing and development of new structural proteins and the corresponding microbial production hosts in collaboration with external partners and service providers
  • Employing state of the art technologies and management of development projects with renowned international service providers and experts
  • Contribution of your expertise in strain development with a focus on expression optimization, protein secretion and process stability to integrate new proteins and strains into the process development and production pipeline at AMSilk
  • Monitoring project milestones and managing internal and external development teams and projects
  • Compilation of planning, data analysis, documentation, and presentation of the projects
  • Building a team of experts and coordination of tasks with other units within AMSilk

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Requirements for a Manager of New Technologies

For you to be considered for employment as a Manager of New Technologies at AMSilk GmbH, you must:

  • Have completed a PhD Degree in microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry or any similar course
  • Have more than 3 years industrial experience
  • Be an expert in the field of fungi, bacterial and other microbial production systems and familiar with protein development and processing techniques
  • Have deep experience in molecular biology techniques and corresponding analytical methods
  • Be familiar with Big Data and AI powered technologies
  • Have leadership potential to enable you lead fellow employees and guide your partners
  • Have experience in project management tools
  • Have excellent communication skills in English Language
  • Have good knowledge in protein purification techniques

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