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How to get Digital Shoprite Coupons

Digital coupons are manufacturer or store coupons which are redeemed electronically and do not require printing. Customers can digitally clip the coupons and redeem at the register with their phone number or your Celebrate Rewards ID. The Digital Shoprite Coupons are used by Shoprite customers who are Celebrate Rewards members to transact electronically without printing out any paper.


The digital Shoprite coupons are the store coupons you would normally clip from the weekly ad. These coupons can also be mailed to price plus members at select stores throughout the year. However, there are usually restrictions on any coupon that requires customers to purchase a certain amount at the store to enable them to use it.


With the recent introduction of digital coupons, there have been some confusion among Shoprite customers as to what one can do and what one can not do with the digital coupons and even where and how to get them. We are taking time here to explain all you need to know about the digital Shoprite coupons and where you can get them.

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How to get Digital Shoprite Coupons

Before talk anything about the digital coupons, the first thing should be how you can access it. Here is how you can get it on your desktop or mobile browser:

  • If you are using a desktop browser, go the Shoprite coupon website or the Shoprite coupon App if you are using a mobile browser
  • If you are using the App, be sure that your App is the latest version so you can use latest features
  • While on the web page, from the main menu, click on “Digital Coupons”
  • Click on “Sort/Filter” on the upper right side
  • Select “Click, Don’t Cut”
  • Click “Apply”
  • Your digital Shoprite coupons will be marked with a blue “Click, Don’t Cut” box in the top right corner of the coupon page.

Can a Digital Coupon and a Paper Coupon be used for the same item?

The answer is “NO”. This is because only one coupon, whether digital or paper, will be applied to the same item on the same transaction. You can not use a Digital Coupon and a Paper  Coupon together or in a single transaction.


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