How Much Is Moshal Scholarship Allowance In South Africa

Moshal Scholarship: More Than Just Financial Aid for South African Students

The Moshal Scholarship Program stands out in the South African scholarship landscape. It offers full funding to deserving students, but the support goes beyond just the numbers. Let’s delve into what the Moshal Scholarship entails and how it empowers students.

Financial Backing for Focused Minds

While the exact allowance amount isn’t publicly available, the Moshal program describes itself as a “full funding scholarship”. This means it covers expenses like tuition, accommodation, and meals. There’s also mention of an additional living allowance and support for textbooks. This comprehensive approach ensures financial worries don’t hinder a scholar’s academic journey.

Beyond the Money: A Holistic Support System

The Moshal program goes beyond finances. They understand that university life can be challenging, so they provide wrap-around support. This includes:

  • Psychosocial support: Advisors to help scholars navigate the social and emotional aspects of university life.
  • Business skills training: Equipping scholars with valuable skills to succeed in their careers.
  • Mentorship: Connecting scholars with experienced professionals for guidance.

Who Qualifies for the Moshal Scholarship?

The Moshal Scholarship targets motivated students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They specifically look for individuals with a strong academic record and a desire to make a positive impact. There are also restrictions on the field of study and the universities a scholar can attend.

Finding Out More and Applying

Applications for the Moshal Scholarship typically close around August 31st. If you’re interested in learning more and potentially applying, it’s best to contact the Moshal Program directly through their website or email (

The Moshal Scholarship is a unique opportunity for South African students. It offers not just financial aid but also a supportive network to help scholars thrive during their university years and beyond.

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