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Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK for Foreigners

Health care is recently being rated among the most rewarding jobs in the United Kingdom. If you are a non UK citizen and you want to work in the country as a Healthcare Assistant, you have a plethora of opportunities to the effect that some employers are even willing to sponsor your visa processes.

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Healthcare assistant jobs in UK are very lucrative and employees are exposed to a lot of opportunities to explore and advance their careers in life. Qualified personnel are advised to apply for the jobs and fill in the vacancies while they are being handsomely paid either by private or public sectors. A Healthcare Assistant works as an assistant nurse or auxiliary nurse in the hospital; or as an assistant to an old person or person with disability in a residential home.

Visa Requirements for Foreign Healthcare Assistants immigrating to UK

If you are a qualified healthcare assistant and you are immigrating to UK for the job, here are your visa requirements:

  • Valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from a UK licensed sponsor
  • An offer of a qualifying job that meets the relevant salary threshold
  • Sufficient personal savings that can enable you support yourself upon your arrival in the United Kingdom
  • Excellent English Language speaking and writing skill
  • Ability to show that you can travel in addition the provision of your traveling history for the preceding five years
  • If you are from one of the listed countries, a valid result of tuberculosis test
  • Your criminal record certificate from any country you have lived for twelve months or more within the last ten years if you will be working with vulnerable people as a healthcare professional

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Available Healthcare Assistant Jobs in the United Kingdom

A good number of job recruitment firms are in need of experienced Healthcare Assistants for urgent employment in the UK.

  1. NHS Professional Healthcare Assistants – Nurses and Midwives
  2. Healthcare Assistants at St. Augustine’s
  3. Clinical24 Shifting Ltd
  4. Nurseplus
  5. Nouveau Care For Internationals

Salary of Healthcare Assistants in the UK

The average annual salary of a Healthcare Assistant in the United Kingdom is between £16,000 and £18,000 according to the latest industry statistics. Approximately £8.50 and £9.50 per hour.

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