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Fully Funded Scholarship For MBBS In New Zealand

Finding the Gold Standard: Fully Funded MBBS Scholarships in New Zealand

New Zealand, with its stunning landscapes and world-class medical education, beckons international students seeking an MBBS degree. But the cost of medical school can be a hurdle. This article explores the possibility of fully funded scholarships to pursue your MBBS dream in New Zealand.

Limited Availability:

While there are scholarships available for medical studies in New Zealand, finding a fully funded one specifically for MBBS programs might be challenging. Government scholarships like the New Zealand Aid Programme [New Zealand Government Scholarship] prioritize sustainable development and poverty reduction. This means they might be directed towards students from developing countries seeking qualifications most relevant to their home nation’s needs.

Alternative Avenues:

  • University Scholarships: Several universities in New Zealand offer merit-based scholarships for international students in their MBBS programs. These scholarships may cover a portion of the tuition fees. Research universities like the University of Auckland [University of Auckland MBChB Graduate Entry] offer such scholarships specifically for international graduate-entry medical programs.
  • External Scholarships: Organizations outside New Zealand might offer scholarships for medical studies abroad. These could be country-specific or target students from developing countries. Research scholarship opportunities offered by foundations or medical institutions.

Beyond Scholarships:

  • Cost Considerations: While a fully funded scholarship might be elusive, consider scholarships that cover a significant portion of the tuition. Living expenses can be budgeted for through part-time work permitted for international students in New Zealand.
  • Research and Apply Early: Start researching scholarships well in advance. Deadlines and eligibility criteria vary. Strong academic records, relevant experience, and exceptional motivation will strengthen your application.


While fully funded MBBS scholarships in New Zealand might be scarce, there are avenues to make your medical studies dream a reality. With research, dedication, and a strong application, you can bridge the financial gap and embark on your medical journey in New Zealand’s world-class universities.

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