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Effat University Full Scholarship In Saudi Arabia

Aiming High: Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring Women at Effat University

Effat University, a prestigious women’s institution in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, offers a stepping stone to academic excellence through its scholarship programs. These scholarships are designed to empower talented female students by recognizing their achievements and alleviating financial burdens associated with higher education.

A Spectrum of Support

Effat University’s scholarship portfolio caters to both undergraduate and graduate programs. Merit-based scholarships are available for high-achieving students with exceptional academic records. The criteria typically involve a strong GPA in secondary school (for undergraduates) or previous degrees (for graduates).

Beyond Academics

The scholarship program extends its reach beyond academic prowess. Scholarships are also offered to talented athletes, performers, and artists, fostering a well-rounded student body that celebrates diverse strengths.

Important Considerations

While full details are available on the Effat University website (https://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/English/Admissions/Scholarships-and-Financial-Aid-Program/pages/default.aspx), it’s important to note that most scholarships cover tuition fees only. Additional living expenses may require separate financial arrangements.


For ambitious women seeking a transformative educational experience in Saudi Arabia, Effat University’s scholarship programs offer an attractive opportunity. Interested students are encouraged to visit the university website to explore specific scholarship offerings, eligibility requirements, and applications.

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