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Dietetics Scholarships In South Africa

Fueling Your Future: Dietetics Scholarships in South Africa

Are you passionate about food and its impact on health? Do you dream of a career guiding people towards optimal nutrition? If so, then a degree in dietetics could be the perfect path for you. However, the cost of education can be a hurdle. This is where dietetics scholarships in South Africa come in!

This article explores the scholarship opportunities available to aspiring dietitians in South Africa. We’ll delve into resources for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, helping you find the financial support to turn your dietetic dreams into reality.

Funding Your Undergraduate Journey

  • The Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) Bursary Programme: This fantastic initiative specifically targets financially disadvantaged students pursuing undergraduate dietetics qualifications. If you’re a South African citizen with a passion for food science and strong academic potential, this could be the perfect fit!

Broadening Your Horizons with Postgraduate Support

  • Supporting Nutrition Research and Education in Africa (SUNREA): This program offers scholarships for Master’s degrees in dietetics at select universities. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the field and potentially collaborate with researchers across Africa, SUNREA is definitely worth exploring.

Beyond the Listed Scholarships

The options above are just a starting point! Here are some additional tips for finding scholarships:

  • University Websites: Many universities in South Africa offer their own scholarships specifically for dietetics programs. Be sure to check the financial aid section of your desired university’s website.
  • Government Bursaries: The South African government offers various bursary programs for students in different fields. Research options like the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).
  • Private Foundations and Trusts: Several private organizations offer scholarships in the health sciences. Research foundations and trusts related to nutrition or health to see if they have any scholarship opportunities.


  • Read Application Requirements Carefully: Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria and application process. Make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.
  • Meet Deadlines: Don’t miss out! Scholarships often have deadlines, so be sure to submit your application on time.
  • Showcase Your Passion: Many scholarships look for students with a strong commitment to the field. Highlight your academic achievements and your passion for dietetics in your application essays.

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