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Canada Truck Driver Job Salary and Companies

Truck driving is one of the most lucrative jobs in Canada. This is because Canada is a business friendly countries with thousands of companies and production industries. The numerous industries engage commercial truck drivers for domestic supplies and sales of their products within the country. However, some companies are not into production but just haulage business alone.


Truck driving is a job that requires no much academic qualification. The most required qualifications are just your Driving School Certificate and your Driver’s License. In some cases, language proficiency test is included. The essence of the language proficiency test is to weigh your speaking and writing skills. It is required that there should be a free flow of communication between you as a driver (employee), your employer and your prospective customer whom you are to deliver the products to.

What is Canada Truck Driver Job Salary?

Canada truck driver job salary is the average salary of a truck driver in Canada. The earning of each truck driver depends on the company the driver is working for. Some companies pay higher than others. However, some drivers are paid base on their level of expertise while others are paid on the basis of the distance they cover and period of work.

Companies and What They Pay

Just as we mentioned earlier, Canada is a hub of companies. While some of the companies are into productions of items, others are just into haulage business alone. We consider it wise to list some top companies in Canada and the average salaries of their truck drivers.

  1. Steve’s Livestock Transport: This company is specialized in transportation of livestock. It is the largest commercial livestock carrier in North America – and a leader in the transportation industry. Truck drivers at Steve’s Livestock Transport Company earn between $80K – $100K per year with estimated distance of 20,000 miles per month.
  2. Ryder System: Base in Alberta, Canada, this company specializes on beer delivery and it employs Class 3 Drivers to help in its services within Alberta. The salary is $25.88 per hour.
  3. Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited: Coke Canada Bottling employs Class 1 Drivers to assist in delivery of Coca-Cola products within Canada. The salary is $25.48 per hour.
  4. Mount Forest, ON, Canada: This company employs residential drivers who can safely operate heavy-duty trucks to perform assigned duties on transfer routes.  The salary is $27.51 per hour.
  5. Trimac Transportation: This company is currently looking for Professional Class 1, Local, Company Truck Drivers for their Gypsum operation in Invermere. The salary is $96,000 per year.
  6. Canadian Linen and Uniform Service Corp: The Canadian Linen & Uniform Service (CLAUS) provides uniforms and related products to more than 300,000 customers nationwide, in virtually every industry. The company operates in over 16 locations nationwide. CLAUS is looking for Delivery Driver, to be responsible for providing exceptional customer services and account management to our clients. The salary is $22.96 per hour.
  7. Beacon Building Products, PeterBorough, ON, Canada: This company is one of the largest distributors of residential and non-residential roofing and complementary building products in North America.They are looking for experienced StraightTruck Drivers with their CDL (AZ/DZ) Drivers’ license to join their team in Peterborough, ON, Canada.

Source: indeed.com

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