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Apply for Assistant Hotel Manager Job at American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines Inc. is the largest USA flagged cruise line in the United States. The company is looking to add Assistant Hotel Managers to its shipboard team for the season. American Cruise Lines only operates within the United States and has no more than 200 passenger vessels that create a one-of-a-kind small ship experience. With the addition of newly constructed vessels to the company’s fleet, it is a great opportunity to join the shipboard management team and explore your potentials in hotel management and even beyond.

As an Assistant Hotel Manager, you are to be assisting the Hotel Manager to manage the Hotel Department to ensure that high quality of service, consistency of standards, and guests’ expectations are met. The Assistant Hotel Manager provides support to the Hotel Manager by supervising the shipboard hotel management team and ensuring that other employees follow approved company procedures including service standards for dining, culinary, housekeeping, shore excursions, onboard enrichment, guest services, customer service, customer interaction, crew morale, and training. Service excellence and superior guest satisfaction which is a critical measure of success is the priority of every Assistant Hotel Manager. He is accountable for the performance of all Hotel Department crew members, particularly the hotel officers and executive chef. It is expected of him to provide gracious hospitality to the guests while being safe, courteous, professional, and efficient in his duties.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Assistant Hotel Manager at American Cruise Lines Inc., you must:

  • Have Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Have management and hospitality experience
  • Be available to travel and work a flexible schedule including long days for extended periods of time
  • Have minimum 3 years management experience at a full-service hotel, resort, or cruise ship
  • Have Strong organizational skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills (English)
  • Be good in Microsoft Office
  • Undergo and pass US Coast Guard regulated pre-employment drug test

Duties and Responsibilities of an Assistant Hotel Manager

  • Supervision of Housekeeping Manager and Guest Service Coordinator, at the direction of the Hotel Manager
  • Assisting the Hotel Manager as directed
  • Assists Dining Room Manager during all meal services
  • Performs duties of Hotel Manager when Hotel Manager is on 1 to 2 week time off from ship
  • Assistant Hotel Manager prepares with Hotel Manager for turnover and handoff of duties during scheduled time off from ship
  • He is always present and available during all meal services, either front or back of house
  • Ensures Housekeeping Manager is keeping all staterooms and public spaces clean
  • Inspections of rooms
  • He prepares for turnaround day process
  • An Assistant Hotel Manger oversees bar operations and manages wine/liquor inventory
  • He displays leadership and maintains professional presence
  • He ensures his visibility and availability to all guests and crew
  • It is his duty to hold officers and crew accountable to American Cruise Lines’ standards
  • Maintains compliance with American Cruise Lines’ Operations Manual, service standards, and procedures
  • He assesses the performance of the management team and provides immediate corrective feedback where necessary
  • An Assistant Hotel Manager anticipates the needs of guests and crew
  • He Responds quickly to guest requests and ensures follow through of service delivery
  • It is his duty to identify problems and resolve same immediately
  • Assists with breakfast, lunch, and dinner services, cocktail hour, and onboard events
  • Oversees crew orientation, training, scheduling, crew appearance uniform standards, and discipline
  • Assists ship officers in achieving weekly sales targets
  • He assists in maintaining impeccable cleanliness in passenger areas and ensures all housekeeping standards are followed
  • He ensures maintenance of sanitation and cleanliness standards of crew rooms
  • Monitoring of shipboard business transactions, accounting, timecards, and home office reporting
  • Completes daily ship inspection/walk through with Mate to generate daily work list and follows up to ensure tasks are completed
  • Creation of consistent and positive crew experiences to improve employee retention
  • Performance of bartending duties as needed with other management personnel

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Job Benefits

  • Salary between $48,762 and $63,796 and other incentives
  • Benefits package including medical, dental, and matching 401k
  • Complimentary Travel Accommodations
  • No living expenses aboard the ship (room and board are included)
  • Training programs to support you
  • Continuous growth in the company
  • Accommodations and meals are provided onboard

Work Schedules

  • 7 Days per week while onboard the ship
  • 6 to 8 weeks working and living onboard the ship
  • 1 to 2 weeks shore leave vacation

Job Location

American Cruise Lines
Dubuque, IA, USA


$48,762 to $63,796

Employer’s Website




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